Suzan’s Journey Report

Suzan Salvatory, one of our trainees from Tanzania, Africa, wrote a report about here visit in Germany. We’ve copied the content for your convenience into this port, but you can also download the original PDF file here..


It was 30th April 2008 when I and Dominic left Dar es salaam Tanzania to here in Germany. We left at Dar es salaam airport at 1720 hours by using Emirate flight to Dubai where we arrived at 0002 we were to connect a plane which supposed to took off at 0825 the next day which is the 1st may 2008 but there is a problem at Dubai airport we entered in the plane at the right time that is from 0740 but we didn’t flight until 1035 when our plane took off We did not know the reason why the plane take a long time before living there although we heard some people taking but because of the language barrier we didn’t understand then we travel safety to Frankfurt airport where we land at 1503 hours .For it was a good experience since it was my first flight I enjoyed the journey very well.

Then we follow the way out we had the first checkup without a problem but when we were at the last checking is where we face a lot of questions from the supervisors there and they take us to the other room I think its security room also questions continued then they communicate with the Dar es salaam embassy and got the information they were asking for it took us sometime before we leave there we thank God that we have Hans Peters business card which the security people at Frankfurt airport received and we assured them that if they communicate with him then they will get all information about us so they allow us and we go straight away took our luggage and follow the way out soon as we left the door to the meet point we met Hans Peter and Franz waiting for us its so nice to meet them I was so happy since I was at safe hands at that time.

We travel from there to Freiburg using Hans Peters vehicle took us two hours to home where we staying now the village known as Nimburg where we mate Michael he show us the house which we will stay the whole time in Germany the house is so nice Hans Peter and Franz bought many things for us to cook and eat we thanks very much for everything then they both say bye to us so we can take a shower cook something to eat and sleep because it was already late .I enjoyed may first night at Germany very well although I was very tired due to not sleeping the previous night.


In Friday morning at 1045 Hans Peter and his wife Gilla arrived at our new home I welcome them Gilla show us some staffs we can use in our beds and shows us many things we were very happy myself its a pleasure to meet Gilla she is so charming I appreciate the every minute we share then we left the house where Hans Peter using that time to show us means of transport we should use the time we will be here at first we travel by bus then we took a train to Gottenheim we drop off and took another train to Freiburg then we drop off going to the market place where we can do some shopping on the way to the market Hans Peter shows us the school which named st Ursula where we can go to set the Linux program then strait to the market I test some staff like sausage with bread then we go back to the train stop by using another bus unfortunately the train left two minutes before we were there then we go back again in the school on the way Hans Peter buy some ice cream four us they were all delicious we went back to the train stop then we go to March where Hans Peter stays we mate Gilla she welcoming us we stay for a while then we went to the class where Hans Peter conducting training its a very nice place we were able to communicate with home through sending mails to them then we move from there to the terminal where is the storage which computers to be loaded on 3rd may were packed then the container arrived after seeing everything then we left to Nimburg Hans Peter show us the way we can use tomorrow send us back home and left.


For the time which I will stay here I m expecting to study very hard to understand everything that was intended by FREIOSS company by bringing me here for such a training and trying to be as good as others who have been here for the previous times and make sure that I will deliver that knowledge to my college in Africa generally Rukwa region in Tanzania since this region is one among the forgotten areas in Tanzania for being aside of the country the area is has no good means of transport also communication is a problem we are back for everything . This project will be a deliverance of the life of people around Rukwa region ,many of them used to give me a farewell travel and pray for me so I can go back with a heavy knowledge which I suppose to gain here and deliver it to others ,they now started to see the light coming to the region therefore I supposed to learn with great effort so that I will not let them down even you as FREIOSS and for now I guess I will make it

Thank you


It was Saturday when we wake up early preparing something for our breakfast and we left the house straight to the train stop then it arrived at 0823 ,we travel to Hans Peters place he took us there to where the container should be loaded .When we were there we met a lot of people who are Linux4Africa partners they were so good to us I enjoyed mate with Cristina who is Franz wife I like her so much we started working to load the container which supposed to be sent to Africa to support people around there it was somehow a busy day it take some hours to finish the work because we have to load six hundred computers with all the requirements to make it work when it will be there in Tanzania after we finished the work one of the partners sent us back home. Actually I really like working with this Germany people they were so friendly to me.

5th may 2008 we work early in the morning ear as usually having breakfast move to the s- buns station travel to Freiburg there we mate Franz waiting for us then he sent us to the library where he learn swahili then to the bookshop where one can buy books after that we do some shopping with him he shows us a lot of places we can have our shoppings whenever needed it took us almost four hours .After all that then we go back home it is already 1700 hours then we relaxed for the remaining hours

suzansalvatory (suzan@linux4afrika .de)
May 2008