Visit and training of Sr. Rita in Teningen/Germany

We invited Sr. Rita, IT-student, from Kenia to learn about Linux, our client-server-system and computers in general. She run through our course for 14 days from 5th December to 19th December 2023.

  • First we checked, what was still present at Sr. Rita form the last training.
  • Second we trained downloading (debian-) linux, copy it to an USB-stick and installing an empty computer.
  • By the way Sr. Rita learned to build a computer, to handle the hardware.
  • Very important is the usage of the commandline in a terminal. We exercised the common shell-commands intensively.
  • We (Werner) printed the big manual, which we produced for documenting our system and linux in common. We trained Sr. Rita to work with it.
  • At the desktop are several server- and school-specific apps like X2go, Epoptes and others, which had to be explored.
  • One main point was to make and install the backups for recovering the clients or setup clients, if a harddisc is broken.
  • Sr. Rita’s whish was to learn virtualisation with QEMU/KVM.

But the visit was not only training. We made tours to Münstertal/blackwood forrest and Freiburg. At the end of the visit, Sr. Rita spend some time in Constance at Michael Scholtz.