Moving Forwards

On Sunday evening shortly before midnight, the group was complete with the arrival of Michael Schmelzer. Since he did not have to go through customs, he arrived at the Convention fairly quickly after landing. He had brought some more hardware, so that nothing stood in the way of renewing the network- almost nothing. Unfortunatly many “mice” no longer worked, or had simply disappeared. The fiber optic cable network was connected to the new switches, and the old 13 computers were disposed of, and some mini PCs were replaced too. In the meantime Birgit had cleaned the tables and the partly dusted the computers. In future dust is an issue as fiber optic connections don´t tolerate dust. The next days all clients will be installed and the many cables will be tied together to prevent accidental tearing off. Sr. Rita learned from Michael Schmelzer how to replace the motherboard of the mini PC and teacher Richard was instructed to get 15 mice to ensure problem-free operation in the classroom.

Of course,the team did not work all the time. During the obligatory visit to the shopping mall “Garden City” with the Double Mokka Shake at Java, there was a reunion with Emily, the former head of St. Scholastica School.