A day at the Harbor – Palett arrived in Maputo

Last Friday, 1st of June 2012, started very well. The clearing agent hast just informed us that we have to collect our palett at the harbor, although he didn’t mentioned that we should have some boots and helmets to get inside. No problem.

We arrived there at 11AM, but the due time was to be there at 10:30. It was a little bit of BMT plus the traffic to get the truck from Mr. Eduardo Timana, at Liberdade, to Maputo. The distance is about 10Km.

Daka, Celso Timana, Rafael Santa and Elson Timana, embarked in the truck on our way to the Harbor. After some waiting, around 11:45, the clearing agent gave us the clearance to get inside of the Harbor. Since Daka was the designated driver, he was allowed to get in and see the palett before loading on the truck. Since we didn’t have the boots, helmet and the reflector vest we were forbidden! This whole process took an hour maximum.

At 12:45 the palett was loaded on the truck. Happy faces by then. We thought it was finished. Too early for party. There was the scanning process plus the very last one with … the Custom. Scanning took around 45 minutes. There was no long queue, but “someone” forget the papers at the entrance point. From there, the scanning, to the first gate and back more 30 minutes waiting. Ok, papers are here the truck went to the scanning process and now … the Custom.

The official was at his “lunch time”, by then was already 14:30, after finishing his lunch he did some inspection on the palett. It was written 25 computers but there was more than that. Ups .. he missed the rack server. We think that it doesn’t count. Ok, clear to go. Daka, Rafael, Elson and I, we were already starving!

All the computers arrived nice and safely at CENFOSS.