Further help needed

Starting October, Linux4Afrika starts collecting hardware for a second container. Storing about 200 computers needs a lot of space. That’s why we are looking for sponsors in the Freiburg area who may support us with rooms where we can store the tested computers until the container will be shipped. Thank you very much to all people sending us mails in […]

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Hand over of donated school supplies

Our big thanks goes to Sandra Litz, a student from St. Ursula Gymnasium Freiburg. She is the one who managed the collection of donation for Linux4Afrika during the last weeks. She appeals parents, teachers, students but also companies to donate school supplies for our projekt. Thanks a lot to the other students helping her, Mrs. Bleile for her assistance and […]

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Where do donations go?

Paul Koyi, CEO of Agumba Computers and Linux4Afrika partner in Dar es Salaam will pay the shipping costs for the first container. The following schools have been preselected for the first delivery: Computers will go to 2 of Dar es salaam city schools: Jangwani Girls School and Kisutu Girls School, Infectious diseases health centre in Temeke Municipals council in Dar […]

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Helping hands for Linux4Afrika will come

Sebastian P. Koyi and Baraka A. Onjare

Upcoming August we welcome Sebastian P. Koyi and Baraka A. Onjare for a three month internship. From August to November they will attend an Open Source classroom training with other Tanzanian IT experts. Additionally they will learn how to install and configure the Linux4Afrika Edubuntu Terminalserver solution. After returning to Tanzania they will be the responsible team in Agumba Computers […]

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Supported Hospitals

Amana Hospital (Mother and child unit) Amana Hospital serves a population of 637,573, and sees 700-1000 patients a day for outpatients; It is the only main hospital which serves in Ilala Municipal ( one of the three municipals of Dar Es salaam City). There is a special requirement need to organize, efficiently and effectively information in the department of Mother […]

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Supported Schools

Tanzania faces a skills shortage in ICT, and somewhere along the way the rot sets in, so that only a small fraction of country’s Computer and Information Technologies graduates are female, which means that an enormous number of skilled jobs are closed to girls when they leave school, and the E-skills industries, in turn are finding it hard to get […]

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