Things are moving fast

After checking the network and installing the new server disks, we were able to start installing the software on the clients. However, we discovered that the BIOS of some of the computers had been changed and the device could no longer be booted from the network. So that had to be fixed. But then, with a few exceptions, the installation and backup went smoothly and quickly – Rita, Mike and Mark were a great help. Of course, the procedure also brought to light all the hardware errors, be it due to a defective screen, a broken mouse or a hot-running CPU. New circuit boards were brought along for the latter problem, which are now being installed.

In the meantime, the potential supplier for the new keyboards, screens and mice had submitted its offer. We discovered that the hardware purchased for testing did not match the list we had received from Ruaraka at the end of last year, which was a price difference of +50% and outside our budget. So we had to negotiate down again, which we had already managed to do with the price of the keyboards and mice. The only problem is the monitors, which have to have an HDMI connection and are therefore obviously more expensive. But we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The weather here is like in Germany in April, with the exception of major temperature fluctuations – sometimes the sun shines so intensely that Michael Jr. gets a slight sunburn, sometimes it pours with rain. But at least it doesn’t snow here.

On Sunday, Sr. Paula came by with the Masai blankets we had ordered in advance from Karen and happily accepted the Ovomaltine, the herbal liqueur from Beuron and the Swiss chocolate we had brought with us. Unfortunately, Sr. Rosa is not in Karen and is spending a well-deserved vacation at home – so we don’t need to go to Karen.

Together with Srs. Beatrice, Lucy and Rita we visited the Nairobi National Park; a welcome change from the computer screen. However, we quickly had to bury our hopes of seeing the famous “Big Five”, as the park is too small for elephants. And the lions, leopards and hippos had obviously retreated to a part of the park that we didn’t pass or passed at the wrong time. Or they had simply hidden because of the many tourists. But at least we were able to see a black rhino, for which the park is a protected area. And lots of Masai giraffes, wildebeest, zebras and many more. Due to the heavy rainfall of the last few days, the paths in the park were soaked and the bridges over the rivers were flooded. But our driver Evans got through everywhere with flying colors