Home, sweet home

The last days after return were spent with administrative work and repairs on some „stubborn“ computers. And Michael Junior continued the training with Sr Rita, Michael Senior revised the documentations while Werner took care of the servers.

We shared our impressions of our stay in Chesongoch with Sr Rosa, who, together with Sr Ruth paid a visit to the Ruaraka convent to thank us, overwhelmed us with gifts and bid us farewell. “How does all this fits into our luggage?” was the concern, because not only we, but also Ecki and HP (as project initiator still well remembered here) were given gifts.

In the evening we saw the table in the convent being set for the farewell party. Again a smore gifts were presented, accompanied by singing, speeches of thanks and lots of hugs. The sky was crying, as it began to rain until next day of departure, accompanied with a thunderstorm – we had never experienced thunderstorms here before.

Then it was time to pack, with each suitcase been optimally loaded, followed by the obligatory group photo, and preparation of laptops and iPads for handover. To ensure the sustainability of the system, measures have to be taken there to reduce dust in the classroom (which was done in an exemplary way in Chesongoch). Hopefully this will be better followed in the future

The two laptops that Werner had brought for use during the stay were handed over to Srs Rita and Veradiana; the spare servers and clients were taken into custody by Sr Lucy. After a quick dinner, we went to Terminal 1 via the newly built “Expressway”, which cuts the travel time from the convent to the airport in half. A few last hugs and then we went through three! security checkpoints to the boarding gate. LH 591 took off on time and arrived in Frankfurt even a bit earlier than scheduled. Breakfast at McDonalds, car ride to Teningen, Kenzingen and Konstanz concluded this year’s “mission” to Kenya.