Meeting to prepare the Kenya support 2019

On December 29, 2018 HP, Michael Scholtz, Michael Schmelzer and Werner met at 10 a.m. to update the new L4A server.

Our goal was to transfer the new L4A clients (software version Ubuntu 18.04) to the server and to set up a new mirror for the 18.04 clients.

First we set up a new client with Michael’s start disk and made the necessary settings for Nairobi. The two Michaels then tested the client thouroughly again. The disk content was then transferred to the new L4A server. In the run-up we had started to configure and set up the new mirror. After various ambiguities had been resolved and the configuration had been adjusted again, the download could begin. Since the VHS March has only a 16000 Internet connection, the mirror download was aborted. Werner has a faster internet connection at home and will finish the download there.

Finally, the last settings for the client were made on the server and a final installation was carried out. Around 3:30 p.m. we packed everything together and went home.

As there were still some minor problems with the server and the client, Michael and Werner met again in the week before their departure to fix them. The mirror proved to be somewhat stubborn, though. But Michael wanted to solve this problem in Kenya.