The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The team’s stay is slowly approaching its end. While Birgit mainly took care of the kindergarten and the library (unfortunately many books are old and worn-out), Werner and Michael did the last installations. The biggest problem in the convent is still the Internet connection. Downloading the software update of only 485 MB for Sister Lucy´s laptop took five hours with […]

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Yet they do work

Since we are going to Chesongoch on Tuesday, we first concentrated on making the notebooks and two barebone desk computers work. Whereas the notebooks went smoothly with Ubuntu 18.04 (with a little “forcepae” as mentioned before) there was a problem with the ACER monitors which, controlled by the barebones, showed an unreadable image on the screens. We were already exchanging […]

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One Michael follows after the other

The flight from Zürich to Nairobi was without problems. After the plane was de-iced Birgit and Michael could enjoy a journey without any turbulences. Only shortly before landing, the landing gear was extended with an unusually loud noise, the Boeing suddenly took off again. Some uncertainty spread until the pilot explained that another plane was blocking the runway. Passport and […]

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The South Africa Project

Zwei Helfer in Werners Garage

One and a half years ago, our member Peter Diez went to South Africa for vacation. It was there that Vuyani, a hiking guide of the Pondoland Walking Safari, made contact with a school in a rural area on the east coast near Lusikisiki. The idea was born to set up a PC room with donated PCs at the school.

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